Kuzbari's 2018 Trends

Kuzbari's 2018 Trends
Hello jewelry lovers, we have a special treat for you! We know how much you love learning about new trends, so we’ve combined some of our favorites from 2018. You’re welcome.
1. Layers.
- Just like clothes, layering jewelry is a must! Unlike clothes – you can layer up jewelry in all seasons. Here’s some layering inspiration for you:

2. Statement rings
- No better way to show off your freshly manicured nails than wearing statement rings. They’re a great addition to any jewelry collection, and can double as heirlooms.

3. Hoops
- Never. Ever. Forget about your hoops! Especially on days you need
confidence the most.

4. Mismatched earrings
- Make them stop and stare

5. Statement Necklaces
- Nothing to wear on your date on Saturday? Dress up a simple dress with a statement necklace!
6. Rings!!!!
- Stacked-rings, a timeless trend.

What's your favourite trend?