Sophisticated jewelry collectors value quality and superb craftsmanship. It is important, and sometimes more so than the designs itself. So true aficionados are delighted to find both in Hania’s Aghabani Collection. Thoughtful designs are fully expressed through fine old-world craftsmanship that is almost unseen today. But it is the essence of the Aghabani Collection which draws elements of design from ancient cultural themes; at the same time mastering skillful manufacture. After all, this collection is meant evolve with the wearer as time go by—becoming ever more precious to its owner year after year.

The rich tapestry of floral themes that forms the treasured shapes of classic Aghabani patterns are both exquisite and delicate; ideal traits for Kuzbari’s artful Aghabani Collection. Her refined interpretation of these cherished designs brings symmetry and delicacy to modern jewelry that every woman can respond to.

The repetitive flowing swirls and graceful curves so characteristic of the Aghabani Collection find their ideal complement in perfectly proportioned precious gemstones. These richly hued jewels add delightful punctuation to the sophisticated collection. With just the right balance of color, shape and charm, the Aghbani Collection resonates with today’s trendsetter.

Many women may recognize the history behind these feminine pieces. Yet, it’s evident that the collection is ideally crafted for a modern woman to showcase her own style-sense by pairing these pieces with a contemporary wardrobe.

Aghabani Collection jewelry beckons a woman to build a jewelry wardrobe with several pieces as an artful expression of her individuality.

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