Arabesque literally means in the Arab fashion. Hania’s artful interpretation in her Arabesque Collection summons countless romantic memories from the best of Islamic art.  A rich fusion of traditional geometric patterns delicately intertwined with myriad fluid lines of Arabic design informs the Arabesque Collection.

Hania’s fresh take on these beloved art forms lend an up-to-date voice to the iconic symbols. The artistry in Arabesque Collection strikes a fine balance with delicately jeweled chains with the main attraction which are gracefully shaped gemstones central to each ring, pendant, bracelet and earring. Her artistry is faithful to the high quality found in the classic traditions which fuel her inspiration.

The Arabesque Collection finds it fullest expression in the symmetrical placement of these richly hued gemstones that convey a confident femininity. 18K yellow gold married with lustrous brown diamonds, and various colored tourmaline are the exciting choices designer Hania Kuzbari selects to convey her rich narrative.

The Arabesque Collection brings unexpected modernity to ancient art forms, and speaks to women today who collect jewelry with intent. Sophisticated jewelry lovers are drawn to this collection as it offers the wearer an opportunity to layer several pieces together for an expressive personal statement. The result is a timeless effect allowing the wearer to create her personal statement knowing these pieces accentuate her beauty but never upstage her.

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