Designer Hania Kuzbari understands the language of sumptuous colored gemstones and the impact they make when given center stage. Superb technique is immediately evident in the innovative Freestyle Collection. And classic detailing is not a lost art as Hania reveals in her versatile array. Both Inside and out of each stunning piece, the Freestyle Collection manifests its fine craftsmanship which appeals to savvy collectors.

One is drawn to the mélange of gemstones prominently used to tell this story. 18K yellow gold becomes the backdrop for sparkling diamonds, and bold-hued tourmalines and sapphires which dominate the collection. Cabochon gemstones used in some pieces elicit a delightful response.

Hania’s Freestyle Collection also offers the wearer a customizable opportunity to own one-of-a-kind pieces that polish her everyday look.  With hand-selected exceptional gemstones like kunzite, lapis lazuli, even labradorite, the wearer adds another layer of individuality to her expressive style.

The classic yet contemporary appeal delivered in the Freestyle Collection allows a wearer to successfully pair any piece in the collection with items she already owns. The Freestyle Collection was meant to complement the wearer’s distinctive taste by giving her flexibility with its pairing. Today it’s all about personal expression—and the Freestyle Collection gives voice to the wearer’s confident style.

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