A sentimental favorite with designer Hania Kuzbari, her Horseshoe Collection was the premiere line launched by Kuzbari Jewelry Collection.  In developing the collection, Hania began expanding her creative reach into an adventure of the unknown. “ I was dealing with many different materials like using gold plus silver,” she says, “and working on certain chemical processes to give a valuable texture to silver.” 

The horseshoe symbol speaks an international language transcending culture and time. It allows the wearer to subtly convey wishes of good luck and prosperity through precious metals and luxurious stones. With vivid gems, diamonds, 14K and 18K gold and even silver, the possibilities for both men and women are endless. These items are meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime. The artistry of each piece showcases the hand-craftsmanship that only expert jewelers can produce. Unique chains accented with an offset jewel are but one of the details that draw jewelry lovers to this collection. Every piece is individually designed and thoughtfully paired with sumptuous gemstones.

The collection’s versatility allows avid jewelry lovers to wear several different items from the Horseshoe Collection. There are key chains, bracelets and other custom pieces that can be made especially for each customer.

Kuzbari’s interpretation of the horseshoe adds layer upon layer of meaning that enriches each head turning piece. Do you want to draw luck and good fortune to yourself and your family? Enjoy the Horseshoe Collection with the bejeweled horseshoes facing up. But there are times when you want to spread good will around—then wear a piece with the horseshoe facing down and send out good luck to everyone you meet.

Whether it’s for casual everyday wear, or elegant formal events, the Horseshoe Collection offers some of the most memorable statement jewelry you’ll ever own. The delicate detailing of each horseshoe item makes a stand-alone statement, but also looks striking layered with other pieces. The Horseshoe Collection is destined to become the signature of confident men and women of style, and can become one of the most thoughtful personal gifts one can give or receive.

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