The expressive Levant Collection from Hania Kuzbari is a powerful homage to the ancient treasures found in the old city of Amman, and in Petra, and the magnificent ruins of Palmyra region of Syria. In particular, this imaginative collection pays tribute to the strength of Zenobia, a graceful and accomplished Queen of that civilization. Kuzbari breathes new life into each of these design motifs from that fascinating era. 
18K yellow gold forms the canvas to reveal various colored tourmalines plus brown or white diamonds, including charming rose-cut diamonds.
But rather than simply duplicate the mesmerizing shapes and designs from these historical sites, they become her springboard for presenting a new understanding of those timeless themes for a new generation. A touchstone to an ancient civilization, Kuzbari’s Levant Collection embraces the universal language of high design.
Modern collectors, some unaware of these early civilizations are yet drawn to Levant Collection’s timeless message. Still, the importance of this history honoring collection brings accolades. 
From feminine bangles, to hypnotic slim gold rings, to expressive neckpieces and artful diamond and gemstone rings, Levant Collection finds its way into the heart of a true modern style setter. Pendant earrings in the Levant Collection tell an ancient story with each design element—but speak to modern women with their bold confident proportions.
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