Mèmoire Lévantine


Much like the distinct beauty resulting from the merging of yellow and white gold to form a new idea, Mémoire Levantine melds the creative collaboration of Hania Kuzbari and artist Boutros Al Maari. Both celebrated creative forces in their own genre, Kuzbari and Al Maari explore memories from the Middle East; reaching back in time to centuries long ago.

Kuzbari speaks through gold, diamonds and precious stones, and Al Maari by the canvas with mixed media and paint. Mémoire Levantine makes an ensemble statement that echoes the philosophy of both artists. White gold dominates this memorable collection with its iconic symbolism of doves and jasmine which expresses a universal hope for peace. 

Memoire Levantine creates a mood for remembrance but with none of the melancholy that reflection can sometimes bring. Rather, Mémoire Levantine promises hope, peace and a sweet reference to nostalgia.

The collection is in fact for today’s jewelry lover. Delivering evocative images and motifs, it echoes the sentiment of modern women who collect with intent; favoring meaningful designs upon which to build their own personal message. The enduring allure of Mémoire Levantine lies in its faithful interpretation of sweet memories rendered in exquisite diamonds and gemstones.

For the wearer of a piece from the Memoire Levantine Collection, the story has just begun.

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