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Horseshoe Collection

I was always captivated by the horseshoe designs adorning home entrances. They were considered talismans, believed to usher in good fortune and ward off negativity. This fascination inspired me to begin my creative journey with a symbol associated with luck and positive energy.

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Made to be Loved

I designed this collection with the intention of bringing brightness and love into the lives of those who wear it. The standout stones for this collection are the calming green tourmaline and sapphire, which are believed to encourage the wearer to follow their heart!

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Arabesque Collection

The mesmerizing patterns and shapes of the Damascene courtyard used to hold a special place in my heart. The repetition of intricate designs, along with a vibrant array of colors, remained etched in my memory. Inspired by this timeless beauty, I aspired to reinterpret these designs through the use of exquisite colored gemstones and precious gold metal, transforming them into new, expressive symbols.

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Freestyle Collection

I thoughtfully created this collection where layering is at the heart of the design, beautifully showcases the luxury of 18k gold, adorned with diamonds and vibrant colored gemstones. It presents an enduring fusion of elements, encouraging you to whimsically layer and intermingle these pieces with any selection from our repertoire, whether you lean toward bold statements or delicate charms.

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Smile Collection

I poured my heart and soul into crafting this collection. It is not just aesthetically pleasing but exudes creativity and originality. I truly believe jewelry should be a canvas for self-expression, sharing emotions, and carrying messages that resonate uniquely with each wearer.

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"Creating jewelry is a constant source of wonder for me. I'm continually inspired by the thought that we're crafting pieces from metals and gems that have been hidden within the Earth for millions of years."


Rather than replicate, Hania Kuzbari reimagines traditional techniques to create heritage crafted jewelry. Inextricable from the past.

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