"In addition to gemstones, her pieces are crafted with conflict-free diamonds and recycled and salvaged metals, meaning there’s a story there that goes beyond the mere beauty of her work. Kuzbari’s jewellery isn’t only beautiful, though—many of her pieces, particularly those in her Smile collection, are also beacons of optimism."

Odessa Paloma Parker, FASHION magazine


"Kuzbari approaches fine jewellery creation like an artist with a conscience. She may own a business, but it has heart and a purpose: to share culture, remember history and inspire change."

Andrea Karr, LUXE magazine


"Her work is distinctive, classic and stunning; you could envision them in a display case at the ROM or on the runway."

She Does The City


“My husband and I were visiting the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto where we saw your gorgeous Palmyra multi-flowers ring. We both fell in love with this piece of beauty right away. My husband and love for 19 years bought this divine ring for me and I cannot describe how touched and happy I was to have this beautiful ring on my finger. I would like to thank you for designing such a magnificent piece of art. You are such a talented designer. Please keep up your great work inspired from the beautiful cultures.”

Maryam, Canada


"LOVE THEM! Thank you so much! Wore the green tourmaline eyed Smile necklace last night and loved it! I will wear it tonight too! Love the attention to detail and the double chain. All of it makes me smile".

Nancy, Canada