Sophisticated jewelry collectors value quality and superb craftsmanship. It is important, and sometimes more so than the designs itself. So true aficionados are delighted to find both in Hania’s Aghabani Collection. Thoughtful designs are fully expressed through fine old-world craftsmanship that is almost unseen today. But it is the essence of the Aghabani Collection which draws elements of design from ancient cultural themes; at the same time mastering skillful manufacture. After all, this collection is meant evolve with the wearer as time go by—becoming ever more precious to its owner year after year.

The rich tapestry of floral themes that forms the treasured shapes of classic Aghabani patterns are both exquisite and delicate; ideal traits for Kuzbari’s artful Aghabani Collection. Her refined interpretation of these cherished designs brings symmetry and delicacy to modern jewelry that every woman can respond to.

The repetitive flowing swirls and graceful curves so characteristic of the Aghabani Collection find their ideal complement in perfectly proportioned precious gemstones. These richly hued jewels add delightful punctuation to the sophisticated collection. With just the right balance of color, shape and charm, the Aghbani Collection resonates with today’s trendsetter.

Many women may recognize the history behind these feminine pieces. Yet, it’s evident that the collection is ideally crafted for a modern woman to showcase her own style-sense by pairing these pieces with a contemporary wardrobe.

Aghabani Collection jewelry beckons a woman to build a jewelry wardrobe with several pieces as an artful expression of her individuality.

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 Arabesque literally means in the Arab fashion. Hania’s artful interpretation in her Arabesque Collection summons countless romantic memories from the best of Islamic art.  A rich fusion of traditional geometric patterns delicately intertwined with myriad fluid lines of Arabic design informs the Arabesque Collection.

Hania’s fresh take on these beloved art forms lend an up-to-date voice to the iconic symbols. The artistry in Arabesque Collection strikes a fine balance with delicately jeweled chains with the main attraction which are gracefully shaped gemstones central to each ring, pendant, bracelet and earring. Her artistry is faithful to the high quality found in the classic traditions which fuel her inspiration.

The Arabesque Collection finds it fullest expression in the symmetrical placement of these richly hued gemstones that convey a confident femininity. 18K yellow gold married with lustrous brown diamonds, and various colored tourmaline are the exciting choices designer Hania Kuzbari selects to convey her rich narrative.

The Arabesque Collection brings unexpected modernity to ancient art forms, and speaks to women today who collect jewelry with intent. Sophisticated jewelry lovers are drawn to this collection as it offers the wearer an opportunity to layer several pieces together for an expressive personal statement. The result is a timeless effect allowing the wearer to create her personal statement knowing these pieces accentuate her beauty but never upstage her.

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A sentimental favorite with designer Hania Kuzbari, her Horseshoe Collection was the premiere line launched by Kuzbari Jewelry Collection.  In developing the collection, Hania began expanding her creative reach into an adventure of the unknown. “ I was dealing with many different materials like using gold plus silver,” she says, “and working on certain chemical processes to give a valuable texture to silver.” 

The horseshoe symbol speaks an international language transcending culture and time. It allows the wearer to subtly convey wishes of good luck and prosperity through precious metals and luxurious stones. With vivid gems, diamonds, 14K and 18K gold and even silver, the possibilities for both men and women are endless. These items are meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime. The artistry of each piece showcases the hand-craftsmanship that only expert jewelers can produce. Unique chains accented with an offset jewel are but one of the details that draw jewelry lovers to this collection. Every piece is individually designed and thoughtfully paired with sumptuous gemstones.

The collection’s versatility allows avid jewelry lovers to wear several different items from the Horseshoe Collection. There are key chains, bracelets and other custom pieces that can be made especially for each customer.

Kuzbari’s interpretation of the horseshoe adds layer upon layer of meaning that enriches each head turning piece. Do you want to draw luck and good fortune to yourself and your family? Enjoy the Horseshoe Collection with the bejeweled horseshoes facing up. But there are times when you want to spread good will around—then wear a piece with the horseshoe facing down and send out good luck to everyone you meet.

Whether it’s for casual everyday wear, or elegant formal events, the Horseshoe Collection offers some of the most memorable statement jewelry you’ll ever own. The delicate detailing of each horseshoe item makes a stand-alone statement, but also looks striking layered with other pieces. The Horseshoe Collection is destined to become the signature of confident men and women of style, and can become one of the most thoughtful personal gifts one can give or receive.

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The expressive Levant Collection from Hania Kuzbari is a powerful homage to the ancient treasures found in the old city of Amman, and in Petra, and the magnificent ruins of Palmyra region of Syria. In particular, this imaginative collection pays tribute to the strength of Zenobia, a graceful and accomplished Queen of that civilization. Kuzbari breathes new life into each of these design motifs from that fascinating era. 
18K yellow gold forms the canvas to reveal various colored tourmalines plus brown or white diamonds, including charming rose-cut diamonds.
But rather than simply duplicate the mesmerizing shapes and designs from these historical sites, they become her springboard for presenting a new understanding of those timeless themes for a new generation. A touchstone to an ancient civilization, Kuzbari’s Levant Collection embraces the universal language of high design.
Modern collectors, some unaware of these early civilizations are yet drawn to Levant Collection’s timeless message. Still, the importance of this history honoring collection brings accolades. 
From feminine bangles, to hypnotic slim gold rings, to expressive neckpieces and artful diamond and gemstone rings, Levant Collection finds its way into the heart of a true modern style setter. Pendant earrings in the Levant Collection tell an ancient story with each design element—but speak to modern women with their bold confident proportions.
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If ever a jewelry collection had a message for our world today, it’s the Hania Kuzbari Smile Collection. The upbeat beauty of this inspired collection is only surpassed by its heartfelt emotional message to people everywhere. We don’t have to look far to witness the overwhelming sorrow across the globe—suffering from conflicts that cause great pain. Many times, it’s the children who bear the worst of it.

But Hania Kuzbari speaks up with a simple yet profound message—fight darkness with smiling—and bring happiness to others, one person at a time. Employing her playful animated creativity, Hania designs fun and uplifting bejeweled smiling faces designed to dispel the darkness and bring joy just by looking at their irresistible faces.

The imaginative smiling faces are skillfully rendered with colored diamonds, sapphire and tourmalines and reflect the playful spirit of the Smile Collection. Hania’s superb artistry is revealed not only in the creative use of metals, but in the clever arrangement of precious colored stones she chose for this delightful collection. Silver used in this collection is given special treatment to reflect white, black and grayish tones adding another level of value. This important collection delivers Hania’s vital message in a most charming way.

Seeing each piece in this collection is enough to bring a smile to your face. But why not share it with everyone you meet? Wear your Smile Collection jewelry so others will see its message too. The Smile Collection sets the tone of the day for its wearer, as a silent yet cheerful reminder of how easy it is to bring happiness to another—just by smiling.

Smile Collection jewelry makes one of the most endearing gifts you can give to someone you love. We all want to embrace happiness now—not someday when things may be perfect.

Every wearer of the Smile Collection has their own story to tell, and their own way to interpret this charming collection.  When it comes to smiling, that’s an international language we all understand.

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