The Artist Statement

The rich tapestry that is Hania Kuzbari’s life informs the creative process in each of her dazzling jewelry collections. A true global citizen, Hania has lived in both the Middle East and North America, all of which inspires her creative outlook. Living in these ancient and modern cultural hubs has fueled her artistic character and refined her sensibilities for the importance of capturing detail in story-telling with each original jewelry piece she designs.

The Preparation

After earning her graduate degree in business, Hania followed her interests in pursuing jewelry studies at George Brown College (Toronto) as well as gemology. She further immersed herself in the jewelry design arts at Alchemia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Italy. Her admiration for fine jewelry design springs from her appreciation for art and from beauty that is found in everyday life.
Her creative force is evidenced in how Hania discovers beauty from what others may find as mundane. An artist’s vision is that intangible value that draws jewelry lovers to a collection.
As Kuzbari sees it, “An artist is not compensated for his or her labor so much as for her unique vision.”

The Brand

In 2014, Hania Kuzbari launched her eponymous collection characterized by its expert artistic detail; each item becomes a stand-alone wearable objet d’art. Utilizing precious metals with diamonds and vivid colored gemstones, every jewelry piece excites the senses—yet is open to the personal interpretation of the wearer.
All Hania Kuzbari jewelry is created in limited editions as one would expect with any fine work of art. The focus with her collection is to convey a timeless quality that establishes its value as an investment in a woman’s thoughtful jewelry wardrobe.
Every artist wants to convey something of their inner self to the one who enjoys their work. Hania expresses her love for the traditional heritage in her own culture to women who also understand the symbolism of certain design elements. But importantly, her work actually connects at the heart of women anywhere in the world who appreciate beauty expressed through fine workmanship. This is an international language that transcends time and cultures.

In Her Own Words

“Personally, I would love it if the message behind my jewelry reaches over to people internationally. However, I believe that people are more likely to buy the piece if they interpret it through their own life experiences. Some are also more likely to buy the piece simply because of its beautiful design rather than any sort of personal life experiences or even my own message.”