Our Promise

Conscious Craft

There’s no such thing as 100% sustainable production. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to be as ethical as possible at every stage of our jewelry’s journey. Our fine jewelry is rooted in responsibility towards both our beloved community and the earth we inhabit. Every step we take as a luxury brand is taken with an effort to reduce damage to our living planet and the people on it. Each piece that passes through the hands of our skilled artisans is treated with love and created with a desire to be an antidote to the industry's historically unethical practices. Our brand is built on these beliefs. 

The Journey Behind our Gemstones

We must realign the way in which we, as creators, are contributing to our world. Acknowledging the impact behind our actions is the only way to work towards a more promising future. Education is key when it comes to creating ethical jewelry that makes a difference.

Before any material touches the expert hands of our team we thoroughly check to make sure that the construction of the factories, the working conditions at the sourcing companies and the materials themselves align with our brand vision. By connecting with organizations that are centred in sustainability our team is able to constantly absorb new information and apply it to our brand. 

We care about the sourcing of each precious gemstone. This involves travelling across the world to personally visit the companies that mine our marvellous materials. Stepping inside the factories and workplaces that cut the gems is another way we are able to ensure our pieces are created responsibly. Our suppliers respect the Kimberley Process, making sure diamonds are procured without child labour. We have ventured to Thailand, India, Hong Kong and Silane to personally meet the suppliers we know share our values. 

Our fine jewelry is crafted using only the best quality salvaged silver and gold. Working with small scale mining organizations is another way we are ensuring our pieces are investing in the environment. 

What Does Ethical Mean?

Labels and loose words are not enough. We must work hard and work together, it is within our power to have an impact. Our brand is working towards this by ensuring that each aspect of all Hania Kuzbari jewelry pieces represents our brand values and business goals.  Ethical practices are a never-ending process. While no brand can claim to be 100% ethical, we promise you that we check off as many boxes as we possibly can and are always looking for ways to do better. 

Our Artisan Workshop

Located in Jordan, our workshop is not only a work space for our skilled artisans but a place to call home. When Hania Kuzbari was launched in 2014, our fundamental goal was to save the careers of talented craftspeople that had been affected by the Syrian war and give them a job and a pleasant place to live. These trusted workers with exceptional skills have enabled us to keep Hania’s heritage and culture alive in our handcrafted work. The passion, talent and creativity of each and every one of our artisans is truly unique.

Our studio has strict rules regarding the cleaning process and air circulation, ensuring all workers, tools and instruments avoid any contact with harmful chemicals. Beautiful work cannot be created in a bad environment. Gemstones and precious metals carry positive energy. In order to carry over this positive energy it is important that the people involved in every step of the process enjoy the work that they do.

Together We Can Make a Difference

Our products are intentionally created to last a lifetime. We create seasonless items that act as heirlooms, moving through trends, not with them. We encourage everyone to invest in fine jewelry that will travel through generations. It is inevitable that we as humans will consume, but we want to help transform the way in which we do so.

From the sourcing process, through to the point where we wear our items proudly, Hania Kuzbari honours the journey of our fine jewelry. Our precious pieces are centred around standout gemstones that shine bright, ensuring that the story we share is just as beautiful.