Be Original, Be You.

Be Original, Be You.

With each passing day, the risk of copying ideas becomes more and more common. We live in a world of mass consumption, globalization of arts and culture and accessible media. Enter the Originality curation, serving as a reminder of the beauty of stepping outside your comfort zone and expressing your uniqueness.

Scroll down to learn more about Hania Kuzbari’s latest curation and what this collection means to her. 


Unique Designs

As the fast fashion industry and the way we consume media continues to grow at rapid rates,  it becomes easier and more convenient for labels to replicate ideas. We must remember to be true to ourselves in order to achieve originality in everything we do, especially as the industry continues to evolve. The only way to achieve originality is to be true to yourself, your feelings about what you love to do and without pre-emptively judging your incomplete work.

Hania Kuzbari displays her own unique sense of self through eye-catching jewelry designs. The Smile collection perfectly demonstrates this with bold, standout faces made entirely of solid precious metals and glowing gemstones. This collection was created to instill happiness with playful, one-of-a-kind creations.


Original Jewelry

Hania Kuzbari creates her jewelry in a way that speaks to her unique upbringing, culture and memories. With these distinct individual experiences, she is able to express her personal story in her wearable art. Inside the Originality curation you’ll find Arabesque-inspired pieces influenced bys Hania’s upbringing in Syria. The patterns speak to the  motifs surrounding her childhood on the plates she ate from, the fabrics in the family home and the architecture in her hometown. These pieces are not only unique in inspiration, but also in design. The Arabesque Mother Of Pearl pieces are reimagined nostalgic elements like ethically-sourced pink and green tourmalines, sterling silver, Mother of Pearl, treated wood and solid 18k gold.


Our Handcrafted Jewelry Techniques

Much like her inspirations, Hania Kuzbari’s handcrafting process is also sentimental, paying homage to her Middle Eastern heritage. All of our fine jewelry pieces are made using traditional techniques from the region of ancient Levant, where the art of jewelry-making began in 500 B.C. Our Jordan atelier employs skilled Syrian artisans, masters in the art of metalwork and stone setting.

Creating pieces built on love, passion and honesty is key to being original. Since every individual has a story, not only is our art personal to us, but also the way we interpret others’ work. No matter how many new ideas are thrown into the fashion sphere or others try to replicate your designs, your work should forever be an embodiment of your own sentiments, memories and experiences.

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