How to layer your fine jewelry, Hania Kuzbari style

How to layer your fine jewelry, Hania Kuzbari style

Hania Kuzbari, our fine jewelry designer and founder, knows that style is an international language. She creates dazzling and detailed jewelry pieces that speak to your character, with layering in mind. All of our ultra-fine collections are created to be able to work in harmony together and share shining messages of self-expression.

Keep scrolling to learn how to layer your fine jewelry, Hania Kuzbari style.


Make A Necklace Statement

Hania’s top tip: match a bold necklace with a subtle signature item.

Pairing a piece from our Smile collection with a delicate Horseshoe necklace allows for creative layering that is sure to speak volumes. When geometric shapes are able to match together without clashing, it creates an eye-catching effect of cohesion and symmetry. This layering practice showcases your eye for artisan craft, love for delicate design, and serious style credentials. 


Stylish Ring Stacks

Hania’s top tip: stack your rings for decorative fine fingers.

“That’s too many rings” said no one, ever. All of our solid gold rings are made to shine together. Stacking together simple pieces with subtle pops of colour prevents your look from looking cluttered. Matching ring shapes, coordinating colours or mixing chunky pieces with dainty are all great ways to create unforgettable combinations. These new Forever Young braided beauties, handcrafted with ethically-sourced diamonds and coloured tourmalines, weave wonderfully to let your fingers do the talking. 


Bold Bracelet Combos

Hania’s top tip: get colourful with your arm candy.

The easiest way to layer up your bracelets? Coordinate colours. Our green and pink tourmaline Freestyle bangles work wonders with this Arabesque chain bracelet, showing off the wearer’s colour and gemstone appreciation. Once you create a mirroring look by combining the same shapes together, a symmetrical creation will unfold to give off the illusion of one standout wearable-art piece. 


How To Stack Your Earrings

Hania’s top tip: up the ear ante with cuffs.

Adding a solid gold ear cuff (or two!) takes your look to another level. Our champagne diamond Freestyle cuffs add an extra element of standout contemporary style to these Arabesque Mismatch Earrings. The ethically-sourced champagne diamonds also give a luxurious and sophisticated look as the hue in the diamond spectrum ranges in shade to add a different colour finish to every look. 

No matter the occasion or your personal style, getting playful with your fine jewelry is always appropriate. Explore all of these layer-worthy items inside our Forever Young collection

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