Shop to Save Lives: Hania Kuzbari Jewelry x Doctors Without Borders

Shop to Save Lives: Hania Kuzbari Jewelry x Doctors Without Borders

As soon as the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we knew that we needed to join the fight to flatten the curve and help those in vulnerable positions. Hania Kuzbari Jewelry decided to begin a donation initiative to raise awareness and funds for a relevant organization. Thus, our Doctors Without Borders donation program was born. 25% of all Hania Kuzbari sales will be given to this organization fighting Covid-19 globally. 

 “We have a responsibility towards our global community. It’s our mission to be a force for good, so when Covid-19 hit, we looked at our core values and asked ourselves how we can help during this time, especially when the world needs it.”

- Hania Kuzbari

Stronger Together

All of our precious pieces are created using ethical practises, making our fine jewelry items a socially-friendly purchase. We wanted to work with a charity that mirrors these values. Doctors Without Borders is a purely humanitarian organization that ignores political or religious boundaries, prioritizing the welfare of vulnerable people and those who are suffering. These front-line workers save countless lives across war-zones, areas hit by natural disasters and pandemics. Hania feels a personal connection with this charity and believes that we should all be ensuring our purchases during this time are able to benefit others as well as ourselves. With your help, we can assist with providing medical relief to more than 70 countries worldwide.

“This pandemic is a global disease. This organization helps vulnerable people all around the world. In this tough time we should support our front lines workers who are saving the lives of others.”

- Hania Kuzbari

Here to help

Working in areas across the world where there is no medical infrastructure or where existing ones cannot withstand the pressure, the survival of this current pandemic relies on Doctors Without Borders for many countries. At all times this organization is ready to deploy an emergency team with an inflatable 50-bed facility.

It is a pleasure for us to be associated with such a great cause. The feeling of giving strengthens our social connections and restores trust, particularly within the fashion landscape.

"As well as raising money for an incredible charity, I hope this initiative will restore feelings of joy within the Hania Kuzbari community; the joy of owning a beautiful piece of jewelry and the joy of the giving to others."

- Hania Kuzbari

Make a change

Supporting hospitals, homeless and the most vulnerable of countries during the current pandemic; Doctors Without Borders require our support now more than ever. Their team of doctors and medical experts are currently calling for no patents or profiteering on drugs, tests, or vaccines used for Covid-19, to ensure availability, reduce prices and save more lives.

“Through buying a piece of our ethically handcrafted beautiful jewelry, you are supporting a beautiful cause. One purchase could turn into a beautiful story of saving someone else's life.”

-Hania Kuzbari


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