Feeling Fine

Feeling Fine

Right now, everyone is seeking a little something to ignite their joy. After a very tough 18 months, we could all use a little help enhancing happiness. It’s time to say goodbye to the neutrals and welcome bold coloured gemstones into our wardrobes. Cue, Feeling Fine, our fall curation. Full of brightly hued feel-good fine jewelry that lasts a lifetime, this collection is sure to boost your mood. 

Each Hania Kuzbari item is handcrafted with love, imagination and a whole lot of creativity, injecting fun into your accessory collection and helping you dress (and feel!) happy. These pieces are made to be worn all day, every day — the glow never stops. 

Made with solid salvaged gold and silver, and ethically-sourced gemstones, this collection is flooded with ultra-fine items that were handpicked to give you a forever feeling.

Say hello to some familiar faces and signature heroes. We don’t believe in mass-production; our jewelry is perfect for every season, can be styled in countless ways, and never goes out of style. Keep scrolling to explore our precious pieces that will bring out your inner sparkle (literally and figuratively).



Cuffing season

Coming soon! This month we’re dropping our exquisite ear cuffs. With two options to choose from, single diamond or double-stacked, these 18k accessories require no piercings and complement any ear attire. Keep an eye out for this exciting new slip-on style inside the Feeling Fine collection. 



Ring, ring. Good vibes are calling, will you pick up?

These Freestyle rings are handcrafted with pink tourmalines, 18k gold and perfected with a satin polish finish, granting you a well deserved glow up. Made with love by our team of artisans, they’re packed full of colour to have you radiating positivity.



Cool, calm, balanced and boosted.

Did you know that wearing the colour green can boost concentration? These 18k gold and glowing tourmaline rings will get you into the zone, feeling more productive for both work and play. The gold eternity band on the left is adorned with brilliant-cut gemstones and our centre-stone piece on the right is accented with clusters of white diamonds. Wear them solo or style together for a double shot of dopamine.



“I curated this collection of our signature fine jewelry with the wearer's happiness in mind. Joy through colourful dressing and adorning ourselves is what’s on my mind these days, especially as we come out of lockdowns. This curation is one of my favourites to date! It represents the pieces in my jewelry wardrobe I currently find myself wearing. Our seasonal edits are rooted in the sustainable practice of re-wearing and styling pieces from previous collections while mixing in a few new drops too. Celebrating all items, new and old, and styling them together is a key cornerstone of our brand vision. Look out for exciting new drops over the coming weeks!” - Hania Kuzbari



Good mood, guaranteed.

These Freestyle bracelets are fun, timeless pieces that add happy hues to your jewelry wardrobe. Which piece has you feeling positive? Both bangles are made with 18k yellow gold and rose-cut diamonds. The top features marquise-cut pink tourmalines and the bottom round green tourmalines, your choice. 



Crowning glory.

This Horseshoe Necklace with a pink sapphire and diamond crown will bring out your inner winner. This piece adds a bold, joyous statement to your look. Pair it with our Freestyle necklace for champion style.



Happy go lucky. 

Our classic 18k gold Horseshoe necklaces are super versatile, meaning they can be worn with anything, anywhere. Check out these diamond and tsavorite good luck charms! Did you know that tsavorite gemstone is said to give prosperity and bring your inner self to life? It’s roughly 200 times more rare than emerald, so you’ll feel like a true treasure in this item.



Joyful jewelry.

These Freestyle earrings are far from your average pair and bound to bring out the extrovert in you. The 18k yellow gold items are embellished with diamonds and green oval cabochon tourmalines — giving you feelings of expression and exuberance. 



Feel the love.

Our 18k gold Aghabani pendant features a romantic pink tourmaline centre stone. Let's get flirty with our fashion, this necklace was made to be coupled with other Hania Kuzbari pieces, like these Freestyle hoop earrings!



Sharing is caring.

Our Royal Horseshoe necklace is individually crafted with 14k gold, 925 sterling silver, 0.25ct diamond and 2.65ct colored tourmaline. Hania Kuzbari’s team of Syrian artisans made this piece to be a happiness neurotransmitter, sharing majestic bliss wherever the Horseshoe points. 

“The Horseshoe necklace is a Hania Kuzbari signature. With dainty coloured gemstone pieces or bold embellished options, there’s a Horseshoe to suit everyone. The way one chooses to wear their horseshoe is personal,  facing it towards yourself means the horseshoe is spreading luck in your direction. When the horseshoe points downward, the wearer is sending out positivity to others.” - Hania Kuzbari

Click here to explore all of these items inside the Feeling Fine collection. Wait, that’s not all! We’ll be dropping never-seen-before pieces to this collection throughout the season. Stay tuned for some exciting new ultra-fine items. 

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