Timeless Treasures

Timeless Treasures

Nothing adds magic to the holiday season like embracing festive traditions, whether those be trees decorated in twinkles, stockings hanging from the fireplace, or ribbon-wrapped presents placed around the home. Well, a precious piece of fine jewelry can have a similar effect, too.

Our Timeless Treasures gift curation presents the perfect sparkle to accompany the heart-warming moments of the season. There’s something special and heirloom-worthy for every jewelry lover in your life (including you!). 


Get ready for a very sparkly holiday season, surrounded by those that mean the most to you. Keep scrolling to see the qualities that make our gifts as exceptional as they are, and browse the full collection here.



I’m dreaming of a green Christmas

Hania Kuzbari’s jewelry is glowing, gorgeous and ethically handcrafted for a guilt-free holiday. We only use sustainably-sourced gemstones and recycled precious metals. 


Beautiful baubles

This fine jewelry is truly timeless, adds subtle seasonal shine and works with any style. Our contemporary classics will light up any look, effortlessly.



Dazzling decor

Every Timeless Treasures item is wish-list ready, with a range of tourmaline and diamond embellished pieces. We've got all the best sparklers for you, right here.


Handcrafted so the love lasts forever

Our curation is handmade by an expert team of Syrian artisans. They pour love into each of our Middle-Eastern inspired items, just look at that glow!


“I made this seasonal curation to embody the feeling of warmth that comes with gathering at home with your loved ones over the holidays. These fine jewelry pieces tell a story of togetherness and joy, something many of us may have missed last year. This year, let’s embrace the magic of the season and add some serious sparkle.” - Hania Kuzbari 


Timeless Treasures consists of ultra-fine items that are bright and festive, yet also offer year-round style. Look no further for a luxury gift that is consciously crafted, wow-worthy and lasts forever. Click here to explore Hania Kuzbari’s full range of made-with-love gifts.

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