Like mother, like daughter: Mother’s Day gift guide

Like mother, like daughter: Mother’s Day gift guide

Whether it’s your biological mom or a mother figure in your life, there’s few bonds stronger. Our mentors in everything from adulting to dressing, these women have helped us develop our sense of self. Let’s celebrate our very special connections this Mother’s Day. 

While a simple phone call will make most moms smile, we think we can step it up a notch. We’ve rounded up our brightest fine jewelry sets to make some mother-daughter magic to last a lifetime. 

Keep scrolling to see our shining gemstone pairings, specially selected to best show your number one lady how much you admire her.

Partners in Style

Bracelet with Pink Tourmaline and Rose-cut Diamonds and Pink Tourmalines and Rose-cut Diamonds

For the ultimate fashion family. Our amore-filled pink tourmalines add a sweet colour pop to both your looks. Complemented by rose-cut diamonds and 18k yellow gold, this jewelry set adds a pretty pep to any style step. 


Gemstone Glow Squad

Freestyle Bracelet with Green Tourmalines and Diamond Clusters and Freestyle Ring with Green Oval Cabochon Tourmalines and Diamond Clusters

Our diamond cluster Freestyle pieces gleam with 18k gold and green tourmalines, for the pair that shines brighter together. Will you choose the cabochon-cut for yourself or your mom? Regardless, this matching bracelet and ring will have you both radiating, forever. 


Matching Mama

Long Sapphire Necklace with Diamonds and Green tourmaline Charms Drops and                           Sapphire Choker With Gold Heart Charm

Are you your mother’s ‘mini me’? This long sapphire necklace and matching choker are the perfect pair for mother-daughter dopplegangers. Individually made using 18k yellow gold and green sapphires, these artisanal items are embellished with diamond and tourmaline details for added personality. 


Dazzling diamond duo

Freestyle bracelet with Green Cabochon Tourmaline and Diamond Rhombus and Freestyle Ring with Green Cabochon Tourmalines and White Diamonds

A statement-making match, this 18k gold bracelet and ring pairing demonstrates a serious appreciation for jewelry design. Show off the symmetry and synergy of your special relationship with these sparkling diamond rhombus patterns. Don’t forget those gorgeous green cabochon tourmalines, adding an extra precious element to this glowing gift set.



Lucky Pair

Horseshoe Necklace with Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ombre and Horseshoe Necklace with Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ombre

Horseshoes are said to spread good luck wherever the tail-end points. What better Mother’s Day gift than an 18k gold emblem of good fortune? These pink and green tourmaline necklaces are made-with-love by our team of artisans. Spot the added diamond detail for the full omb effect. 

Whoever the “mom” in your life is, let’s recognise the everlasting beauty they’ve instilled this May 8.

If your mom is more of a standalone style kind of lady, our Made To Be Loved collection is suited for a shining solo present. 

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