Forever Young: A Fine Jewelry Memoir

Forever Young: A Fine Jewelry Memoir

Childhood whimsy and wonder help to keep us young at every age. No matter where you are in life, you will forever remember the way your family home was decorated, your childhood best friend, and the smell of your mom’s cooking.

Our summer fine jewelry curation, Forever Young, is Hania Kuzbari’s tribute to her childhood and what inspires her as a designer today. The luxury accessories collection showcases motifs that embellish Hania’s earliest memories, as well as pieces inspired by the art and architecture that surrounded our jewelry designer growing up.

Forever Young features precious metals, ethically sourced gemstones, rhythmic weaving lines and refined patterns that share a sentimental story, and of course dazzle.

“To me, these pieces are the embodiment of my childhood culture, which is still rooted in me, and the beautiful harmony of colourful gems that complement this summer's fashion trend.” - Hania Kuzbari

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Sentimental Style

The Arabesque motif could be found everywhere when Hania was growing up and brings back the happiest of memories for the designer. She reimagined these nostalgic shapes with ethically-sourced pink and green tourmalines and solid 18k gold. 

Arabesque is the art that decorated the plates I ate from, the fabrics in my family home, the roofs and rooms. It lived with me and watched me grow. Arabesque can be found in many different places, embodying different shapes and colours, but it stems from repeating geometric shapes and lines. Arabesque is art that is hypnotizing to the mind and colourful to the soul.” - Hania Kuzbari

Fine Jewelry Flair

Within this curation, you can spot some of our Freestyle pieces. Made by our artisans using solid gold and ethically-sourced gemstones, these ultra-fine contemporary items are super easy to style. They also serve as the perfect showcase for Forever Young’s standout gemstone, the tourmaline.

“The magic behind this colourful spectacle is tourmaline; a gem boasting a spectrum of shades and hues. I see elegance in this curation's minimalism, fused with the art and grandeur of the designs. These pieces work perfectly with my Arabesque collection.” - Hania Kuzbari

Precious Positivity

There’s one key emotion that can be seen throughout Hania Kuzbari’s newest curation: joy. The thoughtful designer began making her Smile necklace collection to bring happiness to herself and her loved ones. Now, these Smile necklaces bring back joyful memories and share good vibes with customers all across the world. 

“The upbeat beauty of the Smile is an emotional message to people everywhere. These pieces are lovingly made to remind you to smile and bring joy to others around you. After all, smiling is an international language!” - Hania Kuzbari

Horseshoes and History 

A signature Hania Kuzbari jewelry design, we couldn’t leave out the Horseshoe necklace. These happy-go-lucky wearable art items combine the intricacy of Italian jewelry design, perfected by Hania during her time studying in Florence, with the expert craft passed down to her from her metalworking family. 

 “The Horseshoe collection was made to bring good vibes to the wearer and those around them. These thoughtfully selected pieces work perfectly with our Arabesque and Freestyle items to make Forever Young a true representation of my design inspirations. ” -  Hania Kuzbari   

Now that you’ve explored the meaning behind the pieces that make up this nostalgic curation. Dive into the full curation to find your new favourite fine jewelry piece, one that tells a sentimental story and shines bright for Summer ‘22..

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