London Fashion Week / FW2019

London Fashion Week / FW2019
The first time ever showcasing in London was with the Toronto Fashion Incubator while taking part in London Fashion Week this February. We were honoured to have the Deputy High Commissioner Sarah Fountain Smith attend the event. 
In the midst of the bustling Trafalgar Square, the cocktail event took place in a glamorous room at Canada House. At 6pm, the room was buzzing with people ranging from buyers to bloggers and media.
Models represented by BAME put on a fashion show for the attendees.
Thank you, London! Until next time.
PHOTO: Sans Soucie Textile, Chloe Angus Design, Sarah Fountain Smith, Susan Langdon, Azure Lazuli (Ashley Phillips), Ron White, Vandal (Ronald Tam), De Montigny, Krippit (Melissa Chung)