The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard

There’s something magical about gold jewelry. The precious metal is a firm favourite amongst accessory lovers, and it’s no wonder why. Not only does gold shine brighter than any other metal, it is said to boost immunity and attract positive energy. Historically, gold has served as cultural signifiers, protective talismans and amulets of good health. 

“I always feel amazed when I work on a piece of gold jewelry. I’m inspired by the fact that we’re working with metals and gems that have been stored inside the earth for millions of years. This knowledge motivates me to create pieces of wearable history. The material inspires the stories and emotions within our gold jewelry items.”

- Hania Kuzbari

We’re passionate about working with the precious element, and our community loves wearing this precious metal. So, we’ve curated a collection of 18k gold pieces. These ultra-fine investment items act as heirlooms, moving through trends not with them. They’re meant to be worn, forever.

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Back by popular demand. Especially for Mother’s Day around the world, we've reintroduced two of our most popular pieces. These 18k gold fan-favourites from our Memoire Levantine collection were created by Hania Kuzbari and Syrian artist Boutros Almaari. Showcasing iconic symbols of doves and jasmine, these pieces express a universal hope of peace. 

Gold rings and bracelets never fail to make one feel more put together. Plus, they give your daily look that extra oomph. Mix and match rings from our various collections to fit your mood and show off your style.  

“Yellow is the colour of the sun, it symbolizes energy and joy. You can feel this when you wear our fine jewelry pieces” - Hania Kuzbari

Handcrafted with salvaged precious gold, ethically-sourced glowing green tourmalines and perfectly finished with textured detailing, these aren't your ordinary hoops. “As a jeweller, gold is very easy to work with and helps bring my imaginative designs to life.” - Hania Kuzbari

Goldy-looks. Not too large and not too small, our 1.7cm Freestyle hoops are just right. The solid gold’s magnetic energy and the pink tourmalines’ calming powers make this pair an unstoppable duo.

Attitude is everything. Our Freestyle gold mismatch earrings make the perfect partner for any evening ensemble or for simply showing off your creative character. Whether you’re spotted on the left or right, both sides beam bright.  

 “Gold has great value. I love creating pieces that are made for true jewelry fans, wearers love the beauty and uniqueness of gold.” - Hania Kuzbari

Whether you’re superstitious or not, it never hurts to find a good luck charm. The champagne diamond Horseshoe necklace in 18k gold is a valuable investment piece expressing the beauty of fine craftsmanship, while giving good vibes to the wearer. 

The timeless gold necklaces from our Levant collection are inspired by precious treasures from Petra and Palmyra of the Levant region. These items tell ancient stories through contemporary designs that will last a lifetime.

“Gold can be kept safely over decades without reacting to the environment. It doesn't damage and is truly timeless.” - Hania Kuzbari 

Now that you’ve read our ode to gold, delve into the full curation to find your forever favourite piece of solid shining luxury.

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