Mother’s Day From Miles Away

Mother’s Day From Miles Away

“I know, first-hand, how hard it can be to be separated from loved ones during lockdown. While reaching out through the internet may minimize our longing, nothing can truly replace the warmth of real communication.”

 - Hania Kuzbari

This year, many of us are celebrating Mother’s Day from miles away. Not seeing Mom may be one of the hardest parts of the pandemic. While we can’t replace the unbeatable mom-hug, we can offer forever-fine gifts that will warm both your hearts. 

We’re here to show that distance is nothing but a number of miles, and our thoughtful fine jewelry makes the perfect reminder. We've curated a gift edit that is tailored for long distance love, with standout fine jewelry items that are extra special. 

Whether your mom is far away or you're simply socially distancing, this collection of handcrafted one-of-a-kind gifts is made for you. Each ethically-created piece can be shipped internationally, with complimentary express shipping, so every Mom can get something extraordinary, wherever she is in the world.

“It is so important to remind ourselves of the significance of being around our loved ones, especially our family, and cherish the time we have with them. This Mother’s Day, let’s recall these distinctive emotions and practice gratitude towards each other. Spreading love, even from afar, is key to remaining strong and hopeful right now.”

- Hania Kuzbari

Let’s send love long distance. Browse the full collection here and keep scrolling to explore our tangible reminders that we’re always thinking of Mom. 



Our precious pink tourmaline pieces shine sweet and can be worn with everything, so mom can show off her sparkle every day. Our Freestyle earrings, ring and bracelet have been specially selected to go inside our Mother’s Day edit as they’re subtle statement makers.



Invite some good fortune into your number one lady’s life, she deserves it. Our handcrafted solid gold Horseshoe necklaces point towards the wearer, drawing in positive energy and radiating good vibes. Which stunning style will you choose?



Featured in FASHION magazine, our Charlotte necklace gives off seventies style but is truly timeless. This wearable-art piece showcases an astounding range of precious details including 14k yellow gold, sterling silver, white and black diamonds, pink tourmalines and yellow sapphires. 



Have you met our Candy Horseshoe? This precious necklace is a delicious mix of various-cut pink and green tourmalines and white diamonds. Expertly crafted with solid 14k gold and sterling silver, this standout piece can be matched with any jewelry item.



Gift a thoughtful fine jewelry piece that honors ancient culture and craft. This geometric Arabesque pendant implements pink and green tourmalines of various cuts, white diamonds and delicate quatrefoil detailing, recalling exquisitely-crafted Arabesque tiles of the past. 



Show your mom how much she is treasured. Our Levant necklace and earrings pay homage to ancient treasures found in Petra and Palmyra with bold and expressive designs. These one-of-a-kind pieces were crafted by our Syrian artisans using 18k gold, white diamonds and coloured tourmalines. 



The versatile Freestyle green cabochon tourmaline pieces are handmade using 18k gold, and designed with pairing and stacking in mind. Just look at those dainty details! The earrings feature delicate white diamonds while the bracelet and ring incorporate textured milgrain techniques. 

For many, celebrating Mother’s Day with family might still be an impossibility. While taking your mom out for an IRL treat may not be achievable, the best gifts still show your love and appreciation for your momma. Find an ulta-fine item that goes the distance, click here to dive into our gift collection.

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