Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Meant to be Loved

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Meant to be Loved

It goes without saying - Valentine’s Day is synonymous with luxury. If you’re looking for a sign to spoil the ones you love (including yourself), this is it. Not only is our jewelry meant to be worn, it’s meant to be loved - and so is that special someone. 

Put your love on display with a little something from our Freestyle or Horseshoe Collections. You’ll be saying ‘I love you’ with conflict-free diamonds, ethically sourced gemstones and recycled 14k & 18k gold and sterling silver. 

This Valentine's Day, invest in luxury that will last a lifetime. 

1. Why get roses when you can get rose-cut diamonds: Freestyle Bracelet with Pink Oval Tourmalines and Diamonds

From the Freestyle Collection, this elegant bracelet designed with fine rose-cut diamonds and pink tourmalines is the perfect gift for anyone looking to add effortless details to their everyday. It’s carefully handcrafted with fine details for those that love instant style.

2. Subtly sparkling, they’ll wear this with everything: Horseshoe Necklace with Champagne Diamonds

The Horseshoe necklace is a classic and contemporary piece well-suited with any style - day or night. Its subtle brilliant-cut yellow sapphires and sleek shape will be adored by the staple-statement person in your life and will be added to their, signature accessories - wearable for the gym, the grocery store and the gala.

3. Treat her like a queen: Horseshoe Royal Necklace

The stunning 14k gold double chain and sterling silver Horseshoe necklace speaks for itself but will get the message of ‘I love you’ across quite well. Expertly hand-crafted, this diamond-encrusted necklace is striking and bold, just like them. It is embellished with coloured tourmalines and gold ribbons to make them feel like royalty (ahem...look out, Harry).

4. Suited for any style: Diamond Horseshoe Charm

The Diamond Horseshoe charm shines bright with recycled 14k gold and beautiful bright white diamonds. While it’s dainty in size, this charm is hard to miss. If they’re sentimental, they’ll treasure this gift that can be carried on their favourite chain.

5. A gift that rings true to how you feel: Freestyle Ring with Pink Tourmalines

An 18k yellow gold band, brilliant-cut pink tourmalines and a satin polish finish, the Freestyle ring is sparkling. Alone, or paired with our other Freestyle rings, this gift will make them smile every time they look down at their hand.

6. It may not be *the* ring, it’s the next best thing: Freestyle Ring with Pink Tourmalines and Rose-cut White Diamonds

It might not be time to get down on one knee, but this rose-cut diamond ring will take their breath away! Opulent, elegant and made for their everyday - this satin polished gold ring never gets old.

7. It’s hard to go wrong with a hoop earring: Freestyle Earrings with Pink Tourmalines and Champagne Diamonds

The must-have earring, our Freestyle hoops are subtle and stylish. This pair is a crowd-pleaser, even for those that tend to stick with studs. Medium sized and adorned with 1.6ct pink tourmalines and 0.3ct champagne diamonds, these earrings are not your average pair of hoops.

8. She’ll wear this everywhere: Horseshoe Necklace with Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ombre

While the champagne diamonds are for those who like subtle sparkle, this Horseshoe necklace will catch everyone’s eye with its brilliant-cut pink tourmalines and diamonds. With ombre on all the latest runways, impress your Valentine with your style knowledge.

9. It’s their time to shine: Horseshoe Necklace with Marquise Pink Tourmalines and Diamonds

Does your special someone always outdo you in the gift department? Do they never miss a detail? This year, it’s your time to make them shine. Marquise-cut pink tourmalines, cabochon-cut pink tourmalines, and diamond embellishments make this the details-to-die-for present.


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