If ever a jewelry collection had a message for our world today, it’s the Hania Kuzbari Smile Collection. The upbeat beauty of this inspired collection is only surpassed by its heartfelt emotional message to people everywhere. We don’t have to look far to witness the overwhelming sorrow across the globe—suffering from conflicts that cause great pain. Many times, it’s the children who bear the worst of it.

But Hania Kuzbari speaks up with a simple yet profound message—fight darkness with smiling—and bring happiness to others, one person at a time. Employing her playful animated creativity, Hania designs fun and uplifting bejeweled smiling faces designed to dispel the darkness and bring joy just by looking at their irresistible faces.

The imaginative smiling faces are skillfully rendered with colored diamonds, sapphire and tourmalines and reflect the playful spirit of the Smile Collection. Hania’s superb artistry is revealed not only in the creative use of metals, but in the clever arrangement of precious colored stones she chose for this delightful collection. Silver used in this collection is given special treatment to reflect white, black and grayish tones adding another level of value. This important collection delivers Hania’s vital message in a most charming way.

Seeing each piece in this collection is enough to bring a smile to your face. But why not share it with everyone you meet? Wear your Smile Collection jewelry so others will see its message too. The Smile Collection sets the tone of the day for its wearer, as a silent yet cheerful reminder of how easy it is to bring happiness to another—just by smiling.

Smile Collection jewelry makes one of the most endearing gifts you can give to someone you love. We all want to embrace happiness now—not someday when things may be perfect.

Every wearer of the Smile Collection has their own story to tell, and their own way to interpret this charming collection.  When it comes to smiling, that’s an international language we all understand.

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