The Levantine Legacy

The Levantine Legacy
“In every society, people dress and adorn themselves according to social conventions and the realization of two basic desires: differentiation and inclusion… The importance of jewelry and costume in the study of ancient art, the processing of materials and fabrication techniques should not be underestimated… ornaments are not simply aesthetic artifacts or costume embellishments but are also an effective symbolic medium to convey complex information and messages which cannot always be inferred from other archaeological evidence.” - Josephine Verduci

Hania Kuzbari’s fine jewelry is built to be adored for a lifetime. Each handmade piece in her artisan collections adopts traditional Levantine craftsmanship, materials and themes mixed with modern-day innovation. The result? One-of-a-kind, timeless and wearable, objet d’art. Each piece tells a story of the history which inspired its creation. Rather than replicate, Hania reimagines ancient techniques to create heritage-crafted jewelry inextricable from the past. Each piece weaves together a rich tapestry of cultural expression yet inspires individual exploration for its wearer, and every collection is an artistic representation of the designer’s life, inspired by her own Syrian heritage and lived experiences. Staying true to history, all designs are envisioned and created using a mix of modern jewelry making techniques and traditional jewelry making techniques that stem from the rich cultural hub of the Levantine region.



The Levant Collection from Hania Kuzbari is a stunning, expressive homage to the ancient treasures found in the old city of Amman, Petra and the magnificent ruins of the Palmyra region in Syria. Speaking to Hania’s deep-rooted respect for her heritage and symbolism, this artful, creative collection is a tribute to the strength of Zenobia – a graceful and accomplished queen of said civilization. With intricacy and imagination, Hania breathes new life into mesmerizing design motifs from this era. A notable example is the Levant Collection pendant earrings, which tell an ancient story with each design element while speaking to modern women with their bold, confident proportions. Every detail of these bold, geometric earrings draw inspiration from ancient artifacts, incorporating filigree accented with diamonds and pink tourmalines.



The history of goldwork along the Levantine coastline dates back to the 3rd millennium B.C. As production of personal gold jewelry like pendants, earrings and beads increased, so did the evolution of the technology used. Hammering manufacturing processes, lost-wax casting and incision methods for linear ornamentation are a few qualities that makes jewelry made along the Levantine coast during this period special – and the same easily recognizable, defining elements in Hania Kuzbari’s artisan designs today. Notably, Syrian technological innovation in jewelry is defined by the mastering of decoration and fabrication methods, high control of soldering, a complex understanding of mixed materials, multi-faceted skills and understanding in various craft activities.  


Two decoration techniques prominent in history and in Hania’s collections are filigree (wire motifs) and granulation (granule arrangements), both of which require soldering. Historically, both techniques were often applied on personal jewels, notably those belonging to the royal family of Ebla (c. 1800 B.C.). During the Middle Bronze Age – the beginning of the 2nd millennium B.C. – these techniques became generalized along the Syro-Levantine coast, where Hania grew up.

Further to the understanding of jewelry design in a historic Syrian and Levantine context is the significance of its defining features: the development of mixed materials production, aestheticism and colouration in jewelry. These elements hold great cultural significance, whereby adornment allowed for the formation of cultural identity. These ideas continue to drive modern perspectives of jewelry and its purpose can be seen across cultures today. It’s an omnipresent ideology in all Hania Kuzbari’s work, favouring meaningful motifs upon which wearers can build their own personal messages.

Rather than simply replicating the alluring shapes from these historical sites, Hania’s interpretation presents a new understanding of timeless themes, appealing to a new generation of jewelry collectors while honouring the history which inspired it. Embracing the universal language of high design, the Levant Collection features 18K yellow gold upon which diamonds and tourmalines are timelessly crafted into feminine bangles, expressive neckpieces, artful gemstone and diamond rings and hypnotic slim gold rings, all speaking to the confidence and style of modern women.



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