A Letter from Hania Kuzbari: Connecting Communities Through Craft

A Letter from Hania Kuzbari: Connecting Communities Through Craft

The past couple of years have seen many revisit and reimagine their values. For me, this time has only strengthened my key drive — community. Through lockdowns, isolation and travel bans — I’ve found joy in finding new ways to connect with you all.


Community: Our Key Cornerstone

Hania Kuzbari Jewelry Designs serves as a bridge between the ancient and the contemporary, weaving time-honored storytelling with modern design — bringing my cultures and communities together in the most beautiful way. 

Our purpose is to showcase the rich culture of the Middle East while staying true to our brand’s modern aesthetic. We use techniques that blend the intricacy of fine Italian jewelry – influenced by my time studying jewelry design in Florence – and the simplicity of North American jewelry. At Hania Kuzbari, we strive to keep learning new ways to innovate our creations and present you with archive collections that share stories of community and culture. We find happiness in creating inspired wearable art that makes you smile. 

Staying Strong, Together

When worldwide lockdowns began in March 2020, we all found ourselves removed from our IRL networks of loved ones. I was determined to personally stay connected to all of you. We launched our Virtual Showroom, a URL way to present curated collections tailored to each of your specific wants and needs, and an opportunity for me to connect one-on-one with you. I love spending time with my customers, showing the perfect styles and designs that speak to your tastes. As members of our valued community, we invite you to connect with me and experience my work inside our Virtual Showroom. 

Helping Communities Thrive

Based in Amman, Jordan, our atelier is the birthplace of our fine jewelry and home to our expert artisans. When the brand was launched, my fundamental goal was to provide job opportunities to talented Syrian craftspeople. Now, this team of jewelry makers help to preserve ancient techniques, and we are able to keep this community thriving.

Made to be Worn, Together

Since our conception, we’ve been working to combat the negative environmental and humanitarian impacts of the jewelry world. We make true fine jewelry pieces that can be effortlessly styled together and last forever. We don’t mass produce we honour the journey of our jewelry, making each item by hand using ethically-sourced gemstones and salvaged precious metals. This means our archive collections transcend trends and serve as precious heirlooms to be passed down for generations. I thoughtfully design our pieces so they easily transition from season to season and complement each other, without compromising the environment. We work to help you create a jewelry wardrobe where all pieces can be worn together, forever. 

We gave you Our Promise long before the pandemic — despite the odds, we continue to stay true to our word. Our strong set of values are the foundation of Hania Kuzbari Jewelry Designs and something we will never stray from. We’re constantly working towards strengthening our loyal circle, connecting with jewelry lovers and empowering others. We’re always developing, improving and learning new ways to bring you joy. Thank you for being a part of our community.


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